Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Jan 24

This time of year is always so amazing in preschool! There may not be too many things blooming outside, but in our classroom, the children are blossoming! Friendships are growing and expanding. Everyday there seems to be a new configuration of children playing together!

Today during “children’s choice” time, many children chose to lace beads and make bracelets or necklaces. We had a pretty amazing ramp built out of the wooden blocks! It was fun to see them experiment with height and length! A cylindrical block was rolled down the ramp, knocked over some dinosaurs, and they became extinct! Some children painted at the easel, while others rolled the gingerbread dough and created “gingerbread cookies, pies, cakes, caves and dinosaurs!) Of course, some children did a little bit of each!

Today we learned a cajun dance! It was so much fun following the directions, especially twirling under our partner’s arms! Ask your child about “Monsieur Cocodrie!” We sang, “I’ll see you later alligator, I won’t be your sweet potater!” We pretended to row our “pirogue” down the bayou, watching out for M. Cocodrie and his big smile!

Today’s craft involved painting a gingerbread stick puppet and spreading cinnamon and sugar on it! We also painted paperplates in preparation for next week’s craft!

Oh! Ask your child about “Ivy!” “She” is our hanging ivy plant! I put a face on the pot, and it looks like someone with green hair! We’re going to try to make “worm tea” (yeah I know… EWWWWWWW!) Don’t worry, no worms will be harmed! We’ll take the “castings” (yes, worm poop!) from our red wigglers (composting worms) mix some with water, and see how her “hair” likes the plant food!

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Jan 24

Come to our Open House on Saturday, February 9th, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
Children can enjoy playing in the classroom while parents learn about our philosophies and curriculum.
Storytime at 11:00, Noon and 1 PM.
Check back for more information, or call 609-924-9521.

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Jan 23

The red-eared slider at the Buttinger Nature Center only had a few rocks to stand on! Our students saved coins and did jobs for their parents. They counted

the coins and graphed the amounts. The parents also donated, and after raising $500, the turtle has a wonderful place to walk, sun herself and enjoy life!

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