Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Feb 15

Or in our case…Ms Postwoman?

On Thursday we walked to the Rocky Hill Post Office to mail the cards we made for our families!

The walk there was more adventurous than usual… (Including trips with my own children, I think this was my ninth? trip there…) There were some slippery patches which made the walk interesting! Everyone was holding onto a “ring” on our walking rope, so no one fell too hard! (For some, that was the favorite part of the trip!)

Have you ever noticed the magnetic attraction between children’s feet and patches of snow and ice? They seem to find even the smallest patches!!!

The children had prepared their mail and decorated the outside of their envelopes (so they’ll be easily visible when they arrive at home!) I addressed them, and put a small X where the stamp should go. When we arrived, I lifted each child, who flopped a plastic bag containing 41 cents onto the counter and said, “One stamp please!” The Postmaster…(Is it Postmistress?) gave them each a stamp, which they put on the X. They then went out to the main lobby where they put their envelope in the big drawer, and it disappeared!

When everyone mailed their letter, we got to walk BEHIND the counter, and see where our mail went! THEN!!! (drum roll please!) we took our mail OUT and got to HAND CANCEL OUR OWN STAMPS!) One child who has a PO Box got to put his mail right in his box! The rest of us saw the “cages” our mail would go in, and then walked to see where the trucks would pick them up!

Check your mailboxes everyone!!!!

This is a great time to familiarize everyone with their addresses! We set out our Valentine bags in different “towns” in the classroom! When the children delivered their mail, they had to walk to “Rocky Hill,” “Skillman,” “Belle Mead,” “Princeton,” “Hopewell,” and “Kendall Park!” We certainly did a lot of “walking” that day!

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Feb 11

February: Walking trip to Rocky Hill Post Office!

March: Shop Rite!

April: Montgomery Gardens!

Parents, please check the bulletin board for dates!

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Feb 11

Thanks to our successful Open House on Saturday, we have a limited number of openings available for September 2008! If you would like your child (and your family) to be a part of a small, family-oriented nursery school, contact us now!

Parents are a vital part of our program, and are always welcome in the classroom!

“Childhood should be a journey, not a race!”

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Feb 05

I really thought the highlight of the week would be acting out the Gingerbread Man/Baby/Boy stories. Little did I know that the best experience would be totally unplanned, and amazing to everyone!

We have a bird feeder outside of our window, and usually we see a couple of chickadees and a tufted titmouse or two. On Tuesday, January 29th, there were birds at our feeder and in the bushes below eating berries! We saw several ROBINS, blue jays, a male cardinal, cedar waxwings, tufted titmice, sparrows, chickadees and a downy woodpecker!

The children were SO excited! “Look! A Robin! I see it! And another! And another! A cedar waxwing! Where? Where? Look at the chickadee! Oh, how cute!”

Several children thought the birds should here other birdcalls, so they had all the toy birds singing!

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