Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Apr 18

Many children become frustrated when given a jump rope! They think they can automatically spin it quickly and jump! This is when it’s essential to take a simple skill and apply a “task analysis.” (I had to do this a lot in college, and the time I didn’t quite understand why, now it’s automatic!)

How to jump rope:

1. Lay the rope on the ground.
2. Stand behind it, jump over with two feet. Repeat several times.
3. Pick up rope. Hold arms out to sides, put rope behind you.
4. Practice bringing the rope OVER your head several times, back and forth. (The children tend to bring their hands too close

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together, they need to practice keeping them out to their sides!)
5. Stand with the rope behind you. Bring the rope over your head.
6. Stop.
7. Jump over the rope with two feet.
8. Try it again. SLOWLY!
9. Over your head.
10. Stop.
11. JUMP!
12. Try it again! You’re doing it!

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Apr 18

Spring has come to Rocky Hill, NJ!

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying the beautiful weather!

Some of our outside activities (besides enjoying the playground!) have been playing with the parachute, jump ropes, and our new playground balls! Keep saving those Campbell Soup labels!

Does your child know how to bounce and catch a ball? I’m not talking about dribbling with a basketball or soccer ball, but rather bouncing and catching with two hands. Believe it or not, in the really, really OLD days, when I was in first grade, it was part of the curriculum! It’s a skill many children have lost! First we practice holding the ball with two hands, slightly pushing it to the ground, and catching it again! Then we progressed to trying to bounce it over our heads, and catching! Then we tried bouncing to partners!

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Apr 18

On Tuesday, April 22 we’re having our own Earth Day Celebration! Families and friends are welcome to come after school (12:30) for some Earth-friendly games and fun! Bring your picnic blankets and lunch!

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Apr 18

Thursday was “worm” day! We examined earthworms and our red wigglers in our composting bin. The children loved watching two worms who had escaped from their paper plate “race” across the table!

I was surprised that the biggest worm fans were girls! They spent most of their time picking up, holding, and arranging the worms!

My hidden “secret?” I DON’T LIKE WORMS!!!! Yes, I’m embarrassed to admit, they really gross me out! I can handle Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, hold a corn snake, catch crickets with my bare hands to feed a tarantula… but WORMS?

Why did I bring worms into the classroom? Because I feel THAT strongly that children need to connect with nature on the simplest level! So grab a shovel and go in your backyard and DIG! It’s amazing what you’ll find!

Click on where it says “tagged worms” to see a picture of the worm habitat we made!

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Apr 09

Yesterday we went to Montgomery Gardens. Thank you Barbara and Carol for making us feel so welcome!

We looked at different kinds of leaves on plants…there were many different shapes and colors. We had a chance to smell different herbs and flowers!

Carol gave us supplies and let us plant seeds in little pots! Barbara took us on a walk where we saw many different kinds of trees, some with flowers, some with buds, and some were evergreens! We saw little plants that were just starting to grow, and some that were already grown!

We loved walking over the wooden bridge!

Thank you, thank you for our beautiful pansies! Each child took some home, and we’ll plant some in our school!

We love Montgomery Gardens!

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Apr 04

I’ve been meeting with the Kindergarten teachers in the Montgomery Public Schools just about every other year, in order to make sure we’re on track with our program. Some of the first (and most surprising!) things they said were that kindergartners don’t know how to rip paper, or know nursery rhymes!

We’ve certainly remedied that problem!

Our nursery rhyme for April is Hickory Dickory Dock. We’ve had fun with our “grandfather clock” and the mouse! Yesterday, we put a fish in the mix! “Hickory Dickory Dee, the fish swam to my _________.”

Our fours are creating their own rhymes now. Look for their own versions of “Humpty Dumpty” next week! Our book will feature such characters as “Horsey Dorsey” and “Sharky Larky!”

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