Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Sep 12

Yes, it’s that time of year! It’s time to think about enrolling your child for NEXT year!
We’re having an Open House from 10:00 AM til Noon today, Saturday, October 18. Bring your child to see the classroom and come and see what we’re all about!

Staff members and parents will be available to meet and answer questions.

See you later this morning!

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Sep 09

Quote of the Day:

“Mrs. Linden, I painted a picture of you!”

“Oh, it’s beautiful, but where are my arms?” (This was one of my returning students, so I knew I’d had arms in the past!)

“It’s an abstract.”

We had a marvelous first day of school yesterday! The mixed ages work out so well! The returning students were proud of their “experienced” status, and our new “threes” were able to learn by example.

I’m so excited about the schedule. Everyone benefits from the large group, yet each “age” has their own smaller group day(s) which can be tailored to them!

Today the fours will be introduced to the “Mystery Box!” It’s a “treasure chest” that has something in it, and the children have to brainstorm the reasons why I decided to include it. Is it used for something special? How will it relate to the day? Does it start with a certain sound? What can it be used for? The key to the box is to think “out of the box!”

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