Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Nov 19

There are moments in a teacher’s life that stand out and confirm that yes, I AM in the right profession! Yesterday was one of those days!

Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School has teamed up with Stonebridge at Montgomery, specifically the assisted living center. Once a month, the four-year-olds at RHCNS go over to visit the seniors.

The children have been so excited to go and visit. Yesterday, the children partnered up with a “grandfriend” to make some fall crafts! I was SO proud of our little ones as they introduced themselves, smiled, and showed the seniors that you can NEVER have too much glitter glue! (Some of the seniors I’m sure were “sparkling” all day!

The smiles across the years were priceless.

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Nov 06

She… or I should say I, flew to Dallas Texas to attend the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Conference. Lucky for me, it falls on the same days as the NJEA conference!

I’ve been attending workshops, getting wonderful ideas, and meeting my idols. Jan Brett! Dr. Jean! Ella Jenkins!

Energy, enthusiasm, and singing adults can be found everywhere!

I’m so looking forward to coming back to NJ and implementing some of these great ideas!

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