Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Mar 26

“As soon as I walked in for my classroom visit I was delighted to hear children laughing, painting, building with blocks and other children planting a small garden. This image sticks with me to this day because it wasn’t only the children that appeared to have a happy, warm and comfortable feeling about them, but the teachers as well. The school’s motto, ‘Imagine, Explore, Create’, is taken seriously and the children are encouraged to do all. There is also an emphasis on nature AND the natural world around us while leaving out commercialism”.

”I just want to make it clear, the Rocky Hill Coop School has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made for my children and I couldn’t be happier with the progress and socialization skills my daughter is learning”.

“Rocky Hill Co-Op Nursery School is quite simply a great school. I love the small size, dedicated teachers and parents, and emphasis on community. I believe that my child is and will be a better person for having gone there.”

“I love not only the school but the families we have met there. The cooperative model of education seems to attract parents who are active and joyful participants in their communities and their own children’s lives. Our children aren’t the only ones in the family who have made some great friends through the school.”

“This school has such a gentle and loving environment. It’s the perfect baby step between home and “real” school – a place to develop a delight in learning without the rigorous academics of some preschools. My children have loved going to school here and have come home each day excited to share
the many interesting things they learned. That’s the best preparation for kindergarten.”

“My daughter complains about preschool: ‘Is it my day to go to school yet’?
I am grateful that my daughter is in a preschool where it is a community of support for the children and their families”.

“My two oldest children both attended Rocky Hill Co-op. They learned so much from its great teachers and warm family environment. It was a gradual introduction into school and its routines, but still allowed a lot of time for play, independent exploration, and creativity. The friends we all have made from their time there are ones we will always treasure. I look forward to sending my youngest son back to RHCNS in the future.”

RHCNS provides an opportunity for the children to learn while playing. The children have fun, socialize and the school sneaks in learning without them even knowing they are doing so! It’s a great place for parents to meet other parents and become like a “family”. It’s a wonderful environment!

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Mar 12

What do we explore? Many, many things! One of the things we explored recently was the concept of five. Children each counted out five beans, then created “combinations” of five. Three in one hand, two in the other. Four and one. Zero and five. Then they make the connection between the amount and the written numeral. We also explore things in unusual ways… Pointillism and numerals? A fun way to practice handwriting! (Some children were singing, “Point! Point! Pointillism!” as they wrote!

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Mar 11

Monet? Monet for preschoolers?

What can preschoolers possibly do with a Monet theme? Well, we created a “Japanese Bridge and Water Lilies” on our “pond” rug! Some children balanced “water lilies” on their heads as they walked over the bridge. Some made water lilies out of playdough!

We looked at some of the paintings we’ll see at the Princeton Art Museum.

We learned that Monet didn’t like black, and liked to paint outside. He loved his gardens, and loved painting pictures of his pond and bridge!

I gave the children a palette of pastels, and was amazed at the enthusiasm and time they put into their paintings! Children who haven’t previously been intrigued by painting asked for multiple sheets, or spent time putting careful strokes on their paintings!

It was a fabulous day!

(Check out the Image Gallery for more scenes from today!)

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