Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
May 17

Come see our classroom and a tadpole or two! (The staff will be there too, to answer any questions!)

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May 17

Metamorphosis, we know metamorphosis! Metamorphosis means that things can change!
Oh, the children are changing! We’ve been observing our tadpoles and mealworms metamorphose in front of our eyes! The children watched as a former mealworm came out of its pupal casing and became a beetle!
We have pipe cleaner caterpillars on our board that the children made… and somehow, the leaves got smaller and smaller! One day, when they walked in, they seemed to be in a chrysalis! How did it happen? As I like to tell the children, “With a little imagination, anything is possible!” Soon, the caterpillars will be gone, and “butterflies” will be “flying” around the room!
The birth of a new baby sister prompted discussions on how THEY used to be babies, wear diapers and spit up on their parents! Children brought in baby pictures to show how much they’ve changed.
I can’t help but look at the children and know that in what seems like a couple of blinks of an eye, they will be graduating from high school and college. Ah, metamorphosis!

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May 17

We’ve had so many wonderful adventures the last few months!
One of our many highlights was our Mother’s Day Tea! The moms were treated by the staff and students to a morning of “pampering,” preschool style! Each class brainstormed what they would like to serve their mothers, and what decorations we would have. Each child decorated cupcakes for their moms and themselves, and the staff provided fruit, yogurt, coffee and tea. Among the highlights was our “Photography studio” where each mom had her picture taken with her child. The children sang songs and presented their moms with specially decorated mugs and cards. The moms also received a written transcript of an interview with their child. The children we so excited to serve their moms on their special day! They decorated the classroom with streamers, saying, “My Mom’s gonna love this!” I’m sure our goldfish appreciated the pretty streamers hanging from their aquarium!
I’m not sure of whom I was most proud… the children for their appreciation of their moms… or the moms, who dressed up for their children and happily donned their paper plate/tissue paper hats and wore them all morning!

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