Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Jul 15

There are some questions that we are always asked.

“How do you handle a child that has difficulty separating from their parent?”

Being a parent co-op, parents are often in the classroom. If your child is truly distraught at the idea of you leaving, you are welcome to stay and help the transition. That being said, if a parent says, “She’ll be fine once I leave,” we will certainly comfort a crying child and try to engage them in play, read to them or just sit quietly, perhaps looking at the fish.

If the PARENT however, has difficulty separating… 😉 we gently suggest you go for coffee, and we make sure we have your cell phone number!

When my son attended, I was in the classroom for three weeks!

Each child is different, with different needs. Our goal is to make school a wonderful place to be!

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Jul 15

Happy Summer! What goes on behind the scenes at RHCNS when school is not in session for the summer?
Plenty! I’ve got some really exciting ideas in the works for the upcoming school year! Right now I’m in the “investigation” stage… stay tuned!

I’m also reviewing the curriculum, rewriting and revising it in a more parent-friendly version. I try to vary the literature and author study units from year to year. For example, this past year we did a whole month tying Dr. Seuss’ books into our activities. In 2011, we’ll revisit Jan Brett in January!

Last year we started adding sign language to some of our daily and thematic songs. This year, we’ll incorporate sign language into all of our learning!

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Jul 01

I’ve made DVDs for everyone highlighting the school year. It’s over an hour long! Check your mailbox!

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