Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Mar 23

We had a beautiful spring day to walk around the corner to the library! The children loved the stories, songs and activities, as well as exploring the children’s section!
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Mar 19

We’re looking forward to some exciting visits in our community! We’ll be walking to the library, the fire station, a police officer is coming to visit AND we’ll be going to the Princeton Airport! Yay!

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Mar 18

Sooner or later in the Early Childhood world, you’ll become familiar with some of the “buzz words.” Process vs. Product refers to “art” projects, or the lack thereof! What is art? What is the purpose of a craft? Some parents (and teachers) fall into the “trap” of thinking, if they don’t bring something home, they didn’t “do” anything that day!
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Mar 17
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Mar 17

This year we’re taking an entire month to explore the work of Dr. Seuss. Each day, we read a different Seuss book and get to explore different topics! Parents are invited to be guest readers each morning and share their child’s favorite book.
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Mar 17

On our way to the Post Office, we counted the houses and looked at the numbers. Afterwards, we made a map of our trip!

Our map to the Post Office

I was surprised when one of our three-year-olds traced the path on our “map” and said, “Here’s our school. We walked here, turned here and walked to the Post Office. Then we walked back this way back to school!”
Then our Pre-K class made their own maps!



We’ll have a chance to add to our map when we walk to the library!

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