Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Apr 22

There’s not much that angers me. I’m pretty much a go with the flow person. (Ok, there is one.. leave cleaning products out where the children can reach. THAT will anger me!) But I can see the positives and negatives in most situations.
Recently, however, I had a conversation in which I learned how academic Kindergarten has become in a particular district. I was angry…and sad. I’m sorry, but you CAN teach in a fun, developmentally appropriate manner! Coming from a special education background, our focus was on learning objectives. Not only did I have objectives for the lesson, but the objectives on the child’s IEP had to be noted. It didn’t mean I had to “drill and kill” (I think the “kill” is for their spirit!)
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Apr 20

I love to learn! I believe strongly that teachers need to expand their horizons, evaluate their programs, and learn what others are doing. This weekend, two RHCNS board members and I are attending the Parent Cooperative Preschools International conference in Washington DC. We’ll tour other co-ops, attend china business meetings, and learn how other co-ops work. I’m so excited!

But in the morning… another nature hike and visit to the creek! This time with my three day group!

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Apr 19

One of my goals is to provide opportunities for my students to experience things their parents can’t or may not want to do at home. It’s not often you have 16 other children for your child to play with! Today? A visit to the woods and a creek. Splashing with their buddies, building with stones, sliding down a dirt hill.
The pictures say it all!

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Apr 19

I decided to start posting relevant articles and links in case anyone is interested! Here’s one on educating boys…

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Apr 14

Oh, I LOVE my job! I think I drive some people crazy because I say it so often! Yesterday (ironically, Friday the 13th!) was one of the golden days of teaching.

Fridays are my “Just Threes” day. This group is happy, delightful, funny, encouraging, kind….I could go on and on!
While I do have themes and learning objectives, I also follow the children’s lead and support their interests, not just what *I* think they should learn. We have a few 3’s, early 4’s that happen to love geography! The others are getting intrigued!
Yesterday, in the middle of Children’s Choice (there were towers being built, rice excavated, caterpillars examined, pizza being made…) I felt a light tap on my leg.
“Excuse me Mrs. Linden, but Colorado is missing.”
I look over at our new US puzzle, and sure enough, all of the states in in place EXCEPT for Colorado!
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Apr 14

I’ve taught in many different settings over the past 30+ years, but I have to say, working in a co-op is by far my favorite! Parents bring a wealth of talents and ideas!

Last Friday, a mom emailed and said her husband was on spring break and could he spend the day at school with us? ABSOLUTELY! My question: Would he like to do something with the children? “How about some soccer?”
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Apr 11

Painting with cars at the easel

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Apr 11

Children have many different learning styles. Preschoolers especially need to be moving and doing as they learn. When we read One Fish Two Fish… by Dr. Seuss I had several objectives in mind. I wanted to reinforce counting, introduce tally marks, and give the children some writing practice. First, we learned about the tally marks.

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Apr 11

After examining, touching and exploring a tree, the children had a chance to paint a picture of the tree. Blossoms were created by using the bottom of a water bottle dipped in paint. Read the rest of this entry »

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Apr 11

We are SO thrilled to be in beautiful Rocky Hill, NJ! We can walk to the local library, Post Office and Fire Station. Usually, our firefighters come to us, but this year, we walked to them! We were able to walk through the field behind our school and go to the station.

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