Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Dec 11

A book to tell us what lives in, near, on and under an evergreen!

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Dec 11

Way back in the dark ages, (ok, in the 70’s) when I was in college, it was drummed into our heads that we should be concerned with the PROCESS of art, rather than a product. I still believe it. I’ll admit, sometimes we make a product type project, but often it will have a different learning objective.

With process art, the children explore materials and techniques. Adults usually have no clue what it is. A product is exactly that. It looks like something. In preschool, there is probably a lot of adult help.

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Dec 11

Candles, paint, paper and children!

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Dec 07

We’ve been so busy at school, the poor blog has been neglected! Parent conferences are done, and December is upon us!

December can be a tricky month in schools. The holidays are looming… but which holidays? Some schools respond by banning holidays altogether. Some do Christmas all day, everyday.

At RHCNS, we’re about family. One of the things that draws families closer is tradition. Celebrations. Every year, I survey families to see what holidays (if any) they celebrate, how they celebrate, and if they want to share.

The major holidays, Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa all use candles. We can’t forget children’s favorite: birthday candles! We explore, create, and learn about fire safety!

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