Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Jan 12

Most of the children agree that they LOVE having hot chocolate (or hot cocoa) when they come in from the cold. A few like hot apple juice! Some like marshmallows, some whipped cream…candy canes are not very popular. In REAL hot chocolate. But in pretend, we need a LOT!

I wanted the children to be able to extend their imaginations and use materials that wouldn’t scream “I am hot chocolate and only hot chocolate.” I provided strips of brown felt, which worked very well in our family center.

A "healthy hot chocolate smoothie." This one had a pear. The day before broccoli and pickles!

But you can’t pour felt. Hmmm….

So I turned to our sensory table filled with rice! Duncan Hines has Frosting Creations which has provided some fun sensory play. (Gotta love Pinterest!) So we scented a big bag of rice.

It's heavy!

A toboggan on the table, a pot, some ladles, spoons, mugs... we're all set!

"Here, Mrs. Pizza, a birthday cake with candles, and a mug of hot chocolate with candy canes! Let's pretend it's your actual birthday!"

This firefighter was intent on measuring. "I got it up to 400! Now I want to get it to 500! I want to get it to ten hundred! "(reading the numbers on the side of the pitcher.) "I did it!" (dumps it out) "Now I'll do it again!"

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Jan 10

We’re pinning in preschool! No, we’re not using Pinterest. Clothespins! As I’d mentioned in the previous blog, there is a real concern that children’s hand strength is not what it was in previous years. After all, iPads, nooks, and computer don’t require a whole lot of dexterity and strength.

I had been planning on providing opportunities for scissor work, but I realized that I need to make sure that the children can use clothespins comfortably and competently. (Same muscle movement, helps with hand control!) But how do I get them to use them? One way… but putting them EVERYWHERE in the room! Read the rest of this entry »

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Jan 09

Before the children arrive... Fire Bunny checking out the clothespins

Last Monday, I’d planned on reading the book, The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Shirley Neitzel. It’s a fun, repetitive book with some rebus pictures that allow the children to read along. I’d planned on using it for sequencing and tying it in with our self-help/dressing skills when we go outside everyday. I have some really cute doll snow clothes that go perfectly with the book, so I set up a clothesline, thinking we’d get a little fine motor work in with the clothespins.

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