Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Sep 30

Apple play dough, apple muffins, apple painting, and our own farm stand!

First, we washed and dried the apples we picked.

Then we used the fun corer/peeler/slicer.

We sold apples and other fruit and vegetables at our farm stand.

We made apple muffins!

This young man was determined to get ONLY muffin batter in his paper, no apples!

Cutting more apples!

Our helping mom and child made some yummy pretend apple treats!

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Sep 30

On Friday we our three day class went apple picking. I actually started cutting and pasting all of the NJ State Standards for this post that we were covering by going on the trip, but it became too long!

I wish more people realized how vital hands-on real experiences are for children! Without a single worksheet, the children developed language skills; followed multi-step directions (Find an apple, hold it, twist, then pull. Put it in your bag.) We counted our apples, discussed heavy and light, more and less. We talked about what our families do with apples; orchards vs. farms; the purpose of the fence.
We sang in the sunshine. “There is a fruit I really love and apple is it’s name-o! A-P-P-L-E….”

Families bonded.

We covered skills in the areas of Social/Emotional Development, Language Arts Literacy. Social Studies, Family and Life Skills, Mathematics, Health, Safety and Physical Education, and Science. I believe the only areas we didn’t cover are Visual and Performing Arts, World Languages and Technology!

When the first child successfully twisted, pulled and put his first apple in his bag, he shouted, “I DID IT! Yay for me!” (You won’t get THAT response with a worksheet!”)

The picture is a bit fuzzy, but the moment? Priceless! Even though the apples grew low to the ground, sometimes the best apples are found from Daddy's shoulders!

Following multi-step directions AND developing fine motor skills!

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Sep 27

We’re just completing our second full week of school and it’s time for apple picking!

Yesterday our Pre-K class went to Terhune Orchards. The weather was gorgeous, the children were happy, and all went home with HEAVY bags of apples!

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