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Nov 20

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated the blog! As I’ve said before, and I’ll said it again, when it comes to prioritizing my time at school, the children always come first!

Every year, each class is different. It’s fascinating how different personalities and interests combine. Sometimes one child’s idea is embraced with so much enthusiasm by the others, it takes us in a whole new direction.

This year our group’s uniqueness includes cooking and building with blocks! (More on blocks at a later time!)

It all started in the sandbox, with a couple of boys making an ice cream shop. Other children picked up on it. Some children will naturally “cook” in the dramatic play center, or with play dough. It doesn’t matter what “theme” a class follows, but engagement is much more noticeable when the children are excited about what they are learning. Any “learning skill” can be introduced no matter what the theme is.

Every good ice cream store must have a sign!

Every good ice cream store must have a sign!

Your choices are vanilla, chocolate or blueberry.

Your choices are vanilla, chocolate or blueberry.



By following their interests in cooking, we provide materials to enrich their play. We provide opportunities to expand their interests. We’ve made applesauce and apple pie after our visit to the apple orchard.


After a visit to pick apples at an orchard, we had our own “orchard” and farm stand in class.


Tuck in your fingers, and saw back and forth.

img_2183 img_2175 img_2177 fullsizeoutput_70c3We made play dough.




We made REAL ice cream!









We also visited a farm and got to take eggs from a chicken coop and milk a goat! The children also picked pumpkins and gourds.

dsc_0864 dsc_0896 dsc_0932 dsc_0935


Recently, we’ve been looking at healthy foods and the “My Plate” way of looking at healthy portions.

But wait! We’re learning about OUR nutritional needs, what about the rabbit and guinea pigs? I’ve created our rabbit and guinea pig journals. Now, the child who’s job it is to feed the animals doesn’t just put food in, but records what was given. Did they get hay? Leafy greens? Pellets?





Ok, we know we need protein, grains, fruit, vegetables and dairy. We classify our food at snack time. But where does the food go? Down the esophagus, into the stomach, into the small intestines, where the good parts of the food are sent all over the body. The parts of the food you don’t need go to the colon, then out of your body!


This is obviously not to scale!

Is this all we’ve been doing?  Far from it.  It’s just an example of how one “ice cream store” in the sandbox can grow and evolve!  This week?  Corn muffins and exploring spaghetti squash! (Tell me what you see. How does it feel?  Smell? How is it the same as a pumpkin?  How is it different?)

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