Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Jan 04

Meet our new mascot, Leonardo da Vinci!   

Why Leonardo da Vinci in preschool?  He’s perfect!   He was fascinated by nature, painting, sculpture, exploration, building, drawing, music… so many things,  just like a preschooler! 

I’ve had this stuffed toy in the room for several years, but this is the first time I decided to make him a family project and send him home.  The results have been amazing!

Leonardo takes turns going home with different families and they fill in his journal telling about the adventures they’ve had together. Since he had so many interests, the possibilities are endless! Some children have taken him in the backyard to observe caterpillars, they’ve built bridges together out of wooden blocks, there was even a trip to the local airport to watch the airplanes since Leonardo was so interested in flight!  He’s attended a parents’ night out painting class, our Music Together Family night, and several of our field trips.  He’s learned to eat with chopsticks, celebrated Divali, and ridden a horse!  

Included in the bag is Neo Leo, by Gene Barratta.  Families can read about Leonardo’s thoughts and inventions, and compare them to what we actually use today.   He has had some fun adventures! 


Here are just a few of the entries:







Now THIS is some creative thinking! 



He went trick or treating!  He even came back to school with candy in his hand! 


Celebrating Divali


Learning to eat with chopsticks


“These are olive trees where Leonardo lived, and this is his wife, Mona Lisa.”


Leonardo was an excellent equestrian!


Of course, he HAD to come to the Parents’ Night Out paint class!


Leonardo studying nature from many points of view!

Leonardo and the Music Together gathering drum.  He was a great musician!


Judging by the excitement shown by the children and families, I think this  has been a huge success.

One of our students even came back from winter break hugging her very own Leonardo! 

Come back soon to see more of his adventures with our families and staff.



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