Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School

Parent Info

What are my responsibilities as a parent? What if I work full-time? Is it a lot of work? What if I can’t commit to being in the classroom?

Families who come to RHCNS love the flexibility and cooperation found here!

The best part is being a “helping parent.” On these special days, you participate in the classroom as a teacher’s helper, getting to know your child’s classmates and teachers and seeing your child first-hand in the classroom setting. The children are thrilled to be “helping child” that day. They are proud to bring their parent, the snack, and a show-and-tell to school!

We do offer an “opt-out” option for an additional fee where you will not help in the classroom, but your child still gets to have his or her own special days! Parents help in the classroom approximately four to five times a year. Schedules are set to accommodate parents’ needs.

In addition to “helping” days, you will be scheduled to drop-off snack and assist in cleaning the classroom at the end of the day on our small group days. Again, we offer an “opt-out” option for an additional fee where you will not have to assist with cleaning the classroom at the end of the day, but your child will still bring in their favorite snack.

There are two mandatory meetings and two mandatory clean-up days per year.

A governing board of parent volunteers consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar manages RHCNS.

The operations of the school are separated into committees, to which each family is assigned. Examples of some of the committees families can choose include:

• Fundraising

• Yearbook

• Website

• Advertising/Open House

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