Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
May 16

Yesterday we went to the Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association’s Buttinger Nature Center.

As always, the highlights were the turtles and Mrs. Linden holding a SNAKE!

We were lucky to see the mud turtle with an egg! We watched her carry it around her tank, then EAT it!

Check out their website, it’s a WONDERFUL place.

More photos in the image gallery!

Here’s what the children especially liked:

JY: I liked looking at the big turtle and the one that was running FAST!
PL: The toy frogs and the fast turtle, too.
AbM: The birdhouse.
TM: The fast turtle!
JO: Petting the big turtle. And the fast one!
HM: The fish in the pink thing!
CB: The coral and the snake that was looking at me.
AnS:The fast turtle.
SG: The turtles. The black one.
AnM:The snakeskin.
RD: The turtle that moved very fast.
QS: The great turtle and the snake and the egg and the running fast turtle!
CS: The snake and the big turtle and the one that laid an egg.
CE: The turtles.
QC: I liked EVERYTHING! The snakes, the turtles, EVERYTHING!!!

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May 05

Numeral recognition, sequencing, eye-hand coordination, eye-foot coordination, balance, bilateral integration of the lower extremities, sharing, turn-taking AND stimulating the brain at the same time! (Try THAT with a worksheet!)

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May 05

On Thursday, our classroom was “abuzz” with activity! The children took on the various roles that bees have in a hive! The Queen sat in her chair wearing a crown. We had bees that used paper fans to keep the hive at the proper temperature! Our “field bees” flew around to the flowers in the room to gather the “pollen” in their “pollen baskets” on their legs! When they returned to the “hive,” they did a “waggle dance” to tell the other bees where the flowers were! Other bees took the pollen and made it into honey! Of course, some of the bees fed the baby bees. The most popular job was being a “guard bee” who defended the hive against intruders!

As usual, when working with preschoolers, you never know what might happen! One of my guard bees called out, “Mrs. Linden, can my mom come into the hive?” (Mom was pretending to be an “intruder,” and reminded him he was supposed to keep her out!) I could tell that he was very upset about not letting mom in! I explained that in real life, his mom is ALWAYS welcome!

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