Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Oct 23

Our four-year-olds had a fabulous time visiting with the seniors at Stonebridge! We took turns bowling, and I couldn’t be prouder when one of my students would go up to a “new friend” and ask, “Would you like a turn to bowl?”

We entertained them with a few songs, including “The Itsy Bitsy Arachnid!,” “Tooty Ta” and “Mother Gooney Bird.”

They served us cookies, milk and juice!

Parents, seniors and children were very positive about the experience. We can’t wait to visit again!

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Oct 18

Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery school takes pride in its staff. Our turn-over is low. (Our current Director is only our FOURTH in 50 years!) Our teachers traditionally have at least a BA in education. Our assisted teachers are experienced, loving people who were also “helping moms” at one time!

Our Director and Teacher:

Gerianne Linden earned her BA in Early Childhood Education with honors from Rowan University in 1980. She began teaching in the Fairfax County Public Schools in VA. She spent many years teaching in the Language Delayed/Learning Disabled classroom. She’s taught multiply handicapped teenagers, as well as two-year-olds! She also taught for several years in the Manville Public Schools. After taking a few years off to stay at home with her sons, she “graduated” from “Helping Mom” to “Teacher” at RHCNS in 2000.

Mrs. Linden has had experience as a full time working mother as well as a stay at home mom. She was a long time volunteer teacher/naturalist at the Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association, and received the Volunteer of the Year award in 2004. She brings her love of nature into the classroom as often as she can!

Mrs. Linden believes in providing a rich, hands-on curriculum for the children. You won’t see worksheets here! You WILL see children examining crickets, digging in dirt, and making their own “playdough!”

Come back later for more info on our wonderful assistant teachers!

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Oct 18

This year, we’re starting a new adventure!

Rocky Hill Co-op will be visiting the senior citizens at Stonebridge Assisted Living! We’re so excited about this! Stonebridge is right down the road from us on Montgomery Avenue! We’re starting off with our “seniors” (the fours!) going to visit, and we’re going bowling! (Plastic pins will be set up for preschoolers and seniors to try their skills side by side!) Then we’ll “challenge” the seniors to join us in some of our favorite songs, including “Tooty Ta!” (The children have already picked out the songs they want to sing.) We’re looking forward to many more adventures together!

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Oct 18

It happens every year. The first day of school, I look at the new “threes” and think, “They’re so young!” We teach the children everyday basics. How to put on a smock by yourself. Reminding them gently that smocks go back on the hook when they’re finished painting. They learn to clean up after themselves, and help others when they’re done.
At snack time, each child is responsible for opening up their own napkin and spreading it in front of them, and pouring their own juice. When asked, “Would you like this snack?” We prompt them with “Yes, please,” or “No, thank you.” Frankly, it’s not uncommon for me to lose my voice during the first couple of weeks, it seems every moment I’m explaining something.

Then it happens. Something clicks.

It happened yesterday. The magic returned.

Two children were sharing a chair in the library center, reading together. Three children were “sharing” binoculars, smiling and saying, “We’re sharing!” The little boys who’d previously ignored each other were happily zooming trucks on the rug. Children were choosing their own activities, independently and happily. They put on their own smocks, painted, then hung up the smocks and washed their hands, all without prompting.

At snack time, everyone responded with “Yes please!” or “No, thank you!”

It was amazing. The children had grown up before my eyes. Just think, it’s only October!

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Oct 07

“Look at me! I’m doing it! “ Not all of our learning happens in the classroom! We have a beautiful playground/park we use everyday. One school rule that disappoints our youngest students every year is “no baby swings.” They look at the “big” swings with suspicion. Now, at the beginning of October, many eyes are bright, shining, and full of pride. They can “pump!”
I encourage all parents and staff to follow the same guidelines. Help children to reach up as high as they can on the swing, and “1, 2, 3, JUMP!” Once seated, we start them with a push FROM THE FRONT OF THE SWING!
Standing in front, the adult encourages the child to “touch my hands with your feet.” As they stretch their feet forward, the adult pushes on their shoes. We then encourage them to “tuck them back,” as we show them how to bend their knees. Yesterday, two more “threes” “got it!” Legs pumping, hair flying, they were sailing on their own power!
Are there any sweeter words than, “Mommy! Yook at me! Yook at what I can do!”

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