Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Apr 23

File Folder
Page protector
keyboard printable

Click on link for keyboard printable.

Paste keyboard onto file folder as shown.

Cut page protector to fit folder.

Glue onto folder to make computer “screen.”

I typed up the class names for the children to practice, and slipped it into the sleeve. You can change “screens” to practice family names, letters, etc. Children can draw pictures of loved ones and “Skype,” or draw pictures of their favorite games. The possibilities are endless! One group of children played Battleship on their “laptops!”

When we first made them, they didn’t prop up like “regular” laptops. After a little brainstorming, here’s the solution:

Using a piece of matching card stock (or another file folder) fold into quarters and cut out one section.

Crease one side:

Tape to the back of the folder as shown:


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