Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Jul 21


  1. We’re a parent cooperative.  This means the school is run by a parent elected board, and all parents have input.  They know what’s happening in class, and get to see first hand how their children interact with others.  Is your child having a tough morning?  Has  Mom or Dad been away on a long  business trip?  No problem, hang out with us for awhile.  Teachers and parents work together.  Parents are welcome in class!   We also deal with separation anxiety a bit differently.  If your child is having difficulty with you leaving, you’re welcome to stay. We work WITH you and your child, easing his/her transition into the classroom.  When looking at other programs, ask:  “Am I welcome in the classroom?  How often? What if my child is upset when I leave?” (Sometimes, yes, some children are fine after a few minutes after the parent leaves.  Others aren’t.  We treat each child individually.)
  2. We’ve have ALWAYS employed fully certified teachers with at least a BA.  There are many levels of teacher certification.  My degree is in Early Childhood Education, with an additional certification for children with special needs.  I don’t take an elementary curriculum and water it down.  I take rich, creative topics and academic skills, build them up, and tailor them to the children’s abilities.    I’ve been teaching since 1980.  I’ve been a full time “working mom” taking my children to childcare, as well as a stay at home mom.  Chances, are, I’ve been where you are now.
  3. We have a low staff turnover.  I am the fourth director in 55 years. I took over for a teacher who had been at our school for 32 years.
  4. Our curriculum is hands-on and developmentally appropriate. We know HOW children learn is just as important as what they learn. Some children learn best by hearing information, others by seeing, others by touch or movement.  It’s rare that you will see every child produce the same exact craft.  Children are encouraged to be independent, creative, critical thinkers. They are encouraged to observe and hypothesize.  We respect a child’s right to be child, to learn at their own pace. The preschool years are a time of growth, discovery, and learning with their all of their senses.   We follow, meet and/or exceed the NJ Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards.  You can find them here   and here:
  5. We play outside everyday.  We have plenty of room to run, explore, climb and be child.  Movement stimulates the brain and increases learning!
  6. We go on field trips.  Even if you’ve taken them to the same places (apple picking, the farm, the post office, etc.) they are going on these trips as a student.  They learn how to cooperate and follow directions in a large group. They get hands on experience that is often replicated in the classroom. For example, after walking to the Post Office, buying stamps, mailing, and hand canceling their own mail, we create a Post Office in our room.  It’s much more fun and meaningful to write your friend’s name on an envelope than writing on a worksheet!
  7. We respect the fact that a child’s family is their first teacher.  We involve families in the children’s learning and school experience. Families participate in activities, they don’t just come and watch.
  8.  We’re a one room school.  That’s right, one room!  We have a homey, old fashioned feel.  Currently, our staff are all former helping parents.  We loved the school so much, we wanted to remain involved!
  9. We provide joyful childhood experiences. Playing, exploring, caring and learning are combined in one bright, happy classroom (and playground, fields, community…)  Question?  Email me at
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