Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School
Aug 24

First of all, we’ve had to say a fond farewell or our wonderful assistant, Mrs. Lisa Stock.  She and her family have moved to Colorado.  She will be missed!

Fortunately, we have another former helping parent (we really like this place, some of us come back for more!) Randi Kydonieus will be joining us this year!

Mrs. Randi Kydonieus (Assistant Teacher) received her BA in Elementary Education from Rowan University. After college, Randi taught kindergarten for two years at Kiddie Academy in Freehold, NJ. She then began working at Creative Learning Center, a private school in Shrewsbury, NJ. She remained there for the next 9 years where she taught preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and was the Assistant Director of the learning center. After giving birth to her first child, she decided to stay home and raise her children. Both of Randi’s children attended RHCNS and she was able to work in the classroom then, as helping parent. Now that both of her children are in elementary school full time, she has decided to come back to the RHCNS classroom, this time as an Assistant Teacher. She adores children, the way their minds work, and how enamored they become with learning about the world around them. Her passion and excitement for what she does is contagious!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Also new for this year: Bi-monthly trips to Mary Jacobs Library! The library is just a short walk for us, and since all enrolled families are eligible for library membership, this will be a wonderful opportunity for the children to get even more exposure to books, take out their own books, and even at times have story time with a librarian!

We are reaching out to others in the community in addition to the firefighters, rescue squad and State Police officers.  I can’t reveal the plans yet, but stay tuned!

One of the amazing things about this area in which we live, there are so many wonderful opportunities for children to learn about their world with first hand experiences!  We like to take advantage of what’s available to us. The best part?  Parents have input!  Do you have an idea for us?  Let’s hear it! Do you have a special job or talent?  When my son attended, there was a dad who made prosthetic arms and legs, and brought them in to show the children!

Family, Community, and Exploration.  That’s Rocky Hill Co-op!

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Aug 09

So it’s really fun at Rocky Hill.  And it’s fun playing with play dough there. It’s also fun with the sandbox.  And it’s also kind of a little bad when you gotta line up cause I don’t really like doing that. And I have friends there. We play. It’s very fun playing on the playground, making house cookies in the sandbox.  The teachers are fun when they help.  We learned about mealworms. They can crawl out of their skin and grow into new skin. I saw one crawl out of its skin and it has new skin already on it.  It becomes a beetle. School is fun!  Now can I type?

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Aug 09
“I liked the playground a lot. I could climb up the swing pole and sit on the tunnel. Wacky Wednesday was super fun. Everyone dressed up and was wacky and foolhardy!
Mrs. Pizza is silly. Everyone says her name is Mrs. Linden but she lets me call her Mrs. Pizza.
I met Alina and kinda Aiden at RH and they are my best friends. We don’t go to the same school anymore but we are still friends and play at the pool and our houses. And this is really weird, but I think my babysitter went there. Well, Mrs Pizza is his mom, but I met him at Thomas Sweet. So maybe that doesn’t really count?”
Sam at 2 1/2.  He is now 6 years old and ready to go to first grade!
First Day of Preschool, age 3
“I liked learning and playing with Elliot and Sofia. I liked watering and making clouds over my bean plant. I started to like wild birds [at RHCNS] and I still do now. I liked watching the birds on the bird feeder and I have eight [stuffed] birds now. And I loved the field trips, especially the airport and the farm and picking apples!”   -Daniel
Daniel is now 6 years old and will be going to first grade in September!



These RHCNS friends thought it was important to share that their families going camping on the beach together every summer!

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Aug 04
Sofia (6 years old, entering first grade in September, 2015): I liked my teacher, Mrs.Linden! She is nice and she does the teacher chair. She rocks us around and she lets us show our show tell. The teacher chair made me feel joyful because it was fun to be in the teacher chair. I liked circle time because we talked together. I liked being “helping child.” It was fun when I had Mommy with me. We did arts and crafts together, circle time together, and show and tell together, and I got to do all the jobs. It was exciting! For Mother’s Day, Mommy came in and drank tea with me. I gave her roses and a necklace and a crown that I made. It fun giving Mommy stuff, it made me feel loved and loving.
                                                             3 years old!
Age 8
Jack (8 years old, entering third grade in September, 2015): I liked the fun we had there. In older grades we don’t get to play in our classrooms a lot and things like that but, in RHCNS, we got to play all the time. We had all these toys and I was interested in them and I could play with other people and it was very, very excellent! I liked playing on the playground. It was very fun and I could play hides and seek and tag. I loved it so much! We went on field trips. We went to a lot of places. One time we went to a farm and we saw all kind of animals, like chickens and horses and pigs. I just really, really liked school there. At that time, I never wanted to leave.
                    Age 3!
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