Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School


Recently I was asked what makes us different from other preschools. I think that we’re very family-oriented striving to maintain the “old-fashioned” nursery school feel, but we’re so much more than just play! I decided to ask some of the parents what THEY think makes us special:

“There’s no place like RHCNS! There’s a warmth and sense of family that makes it different from other places. It’s not daycare, it’s a second home for your child- where they feel welcome and like a valuable part of a larger community.  They learn how to be important and kind- and ABC’s!!! It’s a perfect way to introduce a child to the idea of “school” where they can grow at their own pace and know that they are loved.”

Rocky Hill Co-operative School is really like no other pre-school out there! Our children are in pre-school for a short amount of time and it was such a pleasure to be able to experience their school with them. I treasured my time being helping parent and attending trips. RHCNS is a place where the children have FUN, learn without paper and pencil and are exposed to a variety of themes that other pre-schools might not do! (Ex., Mrs. Linden has been known to bring in worms and a horse!)

This is what my children say about RHCNS:
* It’s a fun school!
*RHCNS is a place where we made lots of crafts.
*I met my friends there.
*I’m 13 years old and am still friends with some people I met at RHCNS.

Mom of 4

“I go to Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School it’s the best school in the whole world.” – Luke, age 4. (When other children talk about THEIR schools, Luke has replied,”No but it’s not Rocky Hill so it’s not the best.”)

Our daughter, Sara, loves her time at Rocky Hill. The teachers are nurturing and make learning a fun experience. We also treasure the parent involvement. We know we will not always have the opportunity, when she moves on to grade school. It is something we are grateful to have- J. Egan
I sent my daughter Autumn to Rocky Hill Coop School because my sister’s kids all went there for preschool and til this day they talk about how much fun they had with Mrs.Linden and Mrs.White .Autumn comes home from school also excited about what she’s learning!


“Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School is a wonderful learning environment for my son. It has everything that I was looking for in a school and so much more. After having taught in a private preschool, kindergarten and first grade for 9 years, I wasn’t sure anything would live up to my very high standards. Luckily, I was wrong.

RHCNS has everything a parent and child could hope for. The love and care that come from each teacher and go into every learning experience with the children is unparalleled. From the very first moment my son set foot into the classroom at RHCNS, he was welcomed with warm and open arms, made to feel that his thoughts and ideas were of the utmost importance, filled with a sense that he is very much a part of the classroom and everything that goes on within its four walls and he is always actively engaged and challenged to do his best.

It is wonderful that included in every lesson is something that can touch the mind and heart of a young learner. The teachers find a way to make all of the material presented fun, important and meaningful to the children. Jack is always quite eager to share what exciting things went on in school and I LOVE hearing every detail. The staff is open, available and encourages and provides excellent parent/teacher communication. Often times, the teachers will recall a story or event that happened during the day without me even inquiring how the morning went. I look forward to the e-mails that come my way describing the day’s or week’s events as well as the blog on the school’s website. I really get to feel like I am attending right along with the children even when I am not there.

Not only are the children enjoying themselves but the parents are able to participate as well. From fundraisers and field trips to helping parent days, I get to be a big part of my child’s life and education. Jack and I both look so forward to each and every day we spend at Rocky Hill Cooperative Nursery School and I could not be more thankful that we found it, enrolled and fit right in from the very start.”

-Randi K


I think the passion and creativity of the teachers is what makes Rocky Hill Cooperative such a special school. Every day is different at RHCNS with tons of hands on and interactive activities that makes learning so much fun. My 3 year old is so proud to share what he learns with us from songs and nursery rhymes to announcing the weather everyday at breakfast. The most amazing was when he explained the difference to me between deciduous and evergreen trees pointing them out as we drove home from school one day. We love Rocky Hill! Marie Halder


I love the variety of activities at RHCNS and how the activities reinforce each other and build on each other. The children made applesauce the day after they went on a field trip to pick apples. My son also loves the outdoor playtime at the end of every class- even in the snow! – J.D.